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About Me
Like you, I’m a cyclist. Over the years, I’ve had a wide variety of cycling experiences, including touring, racing, and randonneuring. In 2007, I was the fourth US finisher at Paris-Brest-Paris, finishing the 762 mile event in 55 hours, 49 minutes and earning membership in the
Societe de Charly Miller. I rode a bicycle I’d designed and built specially for that event.

I’m a mechanical engineer with over 30 years experience in product design, development, and manufacturing. I hold a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and have been awarded 12 US Patents. My engineering career affords me invaluable insight into materials, metallurgy, design innovation, manufacturing, and metrology – insight intensely relevant to designing and manufacturing bicycle frames.

I have been building frames since 1999 and was trained and certified as a bicycle frame builder by United Bicycle Institute. I work almost exclusively in steel and stainless steel, either lugged or fillet brazed, and with a wide variety of high quality tubing, lugs and fittings. Every frame I produce is completely engineered and manufactured by me. I do everything from taking initial measurements and selecting materials, to the intricate filing and metalwork needed to make a beautiful and unique frame.

I enjoy the challenge of the unusual, whether that means artistic subtleties in the metalwork, frame geometry that can’t be found in a bike shop, a fascinating finish concept, or a frame for special use. At the same time I thrive on simply making beautiful and functional bicycles.

Drop me an email or a phone call. I'd love to hear about what you're looking for in your next bicycle.

Alex Meade