Being a custom framebuilder, I don't offer any standard framesets. Each is built to a customer's specifications. Listed here is typical pricing. It may change as the value of the dollar and the cost of materials both fluctuate, and it will also be influenced by your tubing and design choices, as well as by the intricacy of the finish. During the specification and design of your frameset, I'll work with you to help you understand all of the choices that can be made. I want your frame to be exactly as you choose, and I want you to be informed and satisfied with every choice!

Complete Frameset:

Typical pricing for a complete frameset, using high quality tubing from Columbus, Reynolds, True Temper or any other tubing manufacturer is about $2600 for frame and fork with a simple paint scheme. Stainless steel framesets, using Columbus, KVA and Reynolds tubing, typically start about $3500, unpainted with a matte finish.

There are many options that can be considered. A few of the more popular are listed here with typical pricing. Consider these prices to be guidelines, as often a complete frame will cost less than the sum of the options.
  • Ultra-light heat treated tubing: $100-250
  • Custom stem, painted to match: $250
  • Touring braze-on package: depends on set, typically $75-100
  • Custom lug carving and cutouts: varies depending on complexity
  • S&S Couplers: $400
Stainless steel frame components can be polished to a mirror finish. Superior to chrome plating in longevity and finish, the look is fantastic. Polishing costs reflect the hours of arduous hand work that go into the finish, and will vary depending on the specific parts used.
  • Polished stainless lugs: $300 for both head lugs, $150 for seat lug
  • Polished stainless fork crown: $250
  • Polished stainless dropout faces: $25 front only, $45 for both front and rear

Complete Bicycle:

I can supply your custom frame as a complete bike built to your component specifications. I'm an authorized retailer for all standard group sets, wheels, and other parts, and I have retail agreements and sources or unusual components including fenders, racks and lighting systems. If there's something special you'd like on your next bike, just ask.

Custom Carbon Forks:

Some cyclists prefer the ride feel or appearance a carbon fork can offer. If this is of interest to you, I can supply with your frame a high quality US made carbon fork in almost any custom geometry, designed to work perfectly with your new frame.

Ordering Process:

Email or call me, and we'll first talk about what you're looking for in your next bike. Fitting can be done in several ways, the best being for you to visit my shop in Shelburne Falls, MA for a fit session. This typically takes a few hours. Alternatively, I can work with fit data you might already have or measurements from your current bike. From the fit data, I then design your bicycle. Once we're both happy with the design, I ask for a deposit, typically $500, just so we're both committed. A deposit also locks your place in my build list. Lead time varies depending on the length of my build list and is typically 4-6 months from the time of the deposit.

Here's an article I wrote on fitting and designing bicycles. It's targeted for ultra distance cyclists, but you'll find it informative if you've not been through the process before.